About Merchandise Providers Australia

At MPA we offer a range of merchandising and planogram design services to make sure your
products are positioned the right way, right place, right time – every time

Real-Time Task Reporting

Rest assured that your set ups and roll outs are executed correctly and on time. The Merchandise Providers Australia field force is equipped with a wireless mobile technology reporting system that allows us to deliver immediate and accurate feedback on each project rollout. Depending on your service level, data instantly available can include photographs, surveys, case management details, checklists, and manager sign-off signatures which are all captured in-store and ready to view immediately, 24/7.

Planogram Design Services

MPA understands that first impressions count; we design and create visually enticing planograms that can positively influence customer interest and purchase behaviour.

New Store Set Ups

We’re experience in meeting the big demands and tight project time lines required for New Store Set Ups and Remodels. Our efficient service means minimising potential for lost sales during either process.

Nationwide Rollouts

Whenever and wherever you need reliable store roll out experts, we’ll be there. We cover 99% of Australian territories – from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and beyond

Category Resets

We service regional and national retailers to oversee your category reset and move product, relocate fixtures, setup new displays, pull out discontinued products and remerchandise products to planogram – you name it, we can cover it

Cut Ins

When it comes to products in a retail environment, getting items to shelf fast is critical for successful outcomes. MPA can make sure your new products are cut into multiple locations simultaneously, getting where they need to both quickly and efficiently

Inventory Management

Managing inventory well is a skill we’ve honed to ensure maximum sales for clients. MPA can oversee your inventory management to look after product replenishment as well as handle returns, out-of stocks and orders.

Planogram Management

When it comes to planograms, MPA helps you get everything in order. We can manage all your planogram needs from initial setup to extensive resets ensuring that the right product is in the right place, right on time.


At MPA, we understand the importance of accurate price points in maximising your sales and profits. We can rollout pricing initiatives – like price changes and markdowns on products and labels – ensuring your price points are on point every time

POP/ Kiosk Fulfilment

From the installation, setup and service of POP displays, through to making sure your kiosks are well stocked or replenished, MPA are kiosk kings

We Guarantee Best-In-Field Execution

We do this in a number of ways:

1. We consistently deliver top results because we do what we say we will do. We are here to create success and value for you and your in-store merchandising. We never lose sight of that.

2. We create a real “wow!” factor and engage customers in ways that encourage impulse and attachment buying, leading to measurable increases in sales.

3. First class communication with our team combined with real time reporting gives you complete transparency and access at any time to execution and performance levels

4. We focus on performance and take the time to understand what winning means for you. In-store execution and presentation is everything.

5. We’ve been creating tangible value for our clients for more than 15 years and we put that experience at your complete disposal. Working to deliver on your vision of success is what matters most to us.

Questions? Call 07 3708 3240 or email us today to discover the Merchandise Providers Australia difference.

I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful work completed last month. I was expecting a blow-out and we got the reverse!  The good news is the merchandising efforts of the team have produced a great sell-through on this product range and I am pleased to tell you we have had a repeat order for this range next month, so many thanks and keep up the great work.


Joanna Baxter

Director - Ruby Rock-it Designs