Case Study

Referred client increases in-store sales and range within 3 months


In 2016, MPA received a referral from a mass retailer delighted with our track record of delivering exceptional results. The referred client’s service request included setting up products into a new zone in store and, while the set up overall was consistent with planogram implementation, executional components differed for each outlet. This created complexities and challenges that demanded careful project planning and execution.


Project planning was critical, and our account management team understood the need to conduct pre-project research to understand the exact needs of each store in advance of field team visits. Realising we needed to create a bespoke schedule, MPA customised a detailed project plan that addressed the requirements of each location with individual instruction guides and training for each store’s specific requirements. MPA invested additional time and effort to ensure our merchandisers were executing their duties according to plan and achieving the desired outcomes, demonstrating why we regularly receive referrals from mass retail buyers.


MPA’s critical planning processes and attention to detail paid off. The client was able to see the execution reporting data and store images set up exactly according to each location’s individual specifications. The client saw instant sell through that resulted in additional orders from the buyer and, within just three months, increased the range and space in store. The client also enjoyed an increase in sales in the stores serviced by MPA, successfully improving and further cementing their working relationship with their retail partner.